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DEOAS Overview

If you are interested in the performance of your business, then you will be interested in DEAOS. It provides you with definite solution for "how your business units are performing and how their performance can be improved?".

If all business units operated under identical conditions, it would be easier to compare their performance and determine what should be done to improve output. But in the real world each unit functions within a slightly different environment. This is where DEAOS comes in. DEAOS uses a method known as “data envelopment analysis” (DEA), which sometimes referred to as comparative performance assessment or peer based analysis, to analyse the relative performance of business units performing similar functions with an easy to use interface. it allows you to study, in detail, the efficiency of your organisation and shows you where improvements can be made. It provides numerical and graphical output for easy interpretation and communication of results.

DEA software applications, like DEAOS, will help to de-emphasise the mathematics of the analysis while hopefully increasing its conceptual understanding and usefulness as a decision making tool. DEAOS is probably the most user friendly of the packages, particularly in terms of presentation of results, giving many different reports, etc. So it would probably be used for  managerial and policy applications.

DEAOS has the following key features, which we believe make it the best data envelopment analysis product available:
  • The friendly user interface acclaimed in independent reviews has been further enhanced.  
  • The possibility to deal with 25 to ‘unlimited’ decision making units.
  • Flexible import facilities from both excel file and entering directly.
  • providing flexible input data management. The possibility of adding, deleting DMU, row and column. 
  • Input/output orientation selection.
  • Tabular scores report (with a variety of sorting methods) and graphical summary.

These all combine to give you a very flexible and powerful efficiency analysis package with features that no other similar software provides.

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